Acupressure in Burlington VT | Vermont Acupuncture and Massage


Initial Visit: 90 minutes – $135

Follow-up Visit: 60 minutes – $90

Acupressure is Acupuncture without the needles.  Mild manual pressure is applied by the practitioner’s finger tips on Acupuncture points (Acupoints).  Used in conjunction with specifically formulated Essential Oil blends and you have Aroma Acupoint TherapyTM (AAT).

Aroma Acupoint Therapy involves placing oils on specific acupuncture points to cause energetic changes in the individual that will bring the client back to a state of balance. This works based on the combined action and effects of essential oils and acupuncture points, resulting in a more significant clinical effect than using either of these alone.


Aroma Acupoint Therapy successfully treats pain, stress, sleep, digestion, and other acute or chronic ailments interfering with your daily activities. 

Aroma Acupoint TherapyTM is an excellent option for those who are needle phobic or needle sensitive. Vermont Acupuncture and Massage is the only practice in the area offering this treatment option.

At Vermont Acupuncture and Massage, Misty Williams utilizes Acupressure as a part of her integrated Massage Therapy practice to treat musculoskeletal pain and relieve tension throughout the body. Patients from Shelburne VT,  Burlington, South Burlington, Williston, Essex, Winooski, and Colchester VT choose Vermont Acupuncture and Massage because of Misty’s ongoing commitment to learning, and self development, which directly benefits them at each and every appointment. If you haven’t found the best acupressure and aroma therapy technique for you, give yourself the gift of healing and schedule an appointment to try us today!

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